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What we are all about

Our history and our purpose

 This idea for this website started in 2018 when Rachel Adams, the website’s founder, was working as a support worker for a disabled gentleman in Cornwall.  When looking for new places to go for a day out or new cafes to go out for a drink, there wasn’t a great deal of help from the internet about this.  It was hard to know where was good and where was not such a good place to visit, so it sometimes meant that opportunities to go out to lovely places were missed or that we (both the gentleman and his support workers) would go out somewhere and we didn’t have a good experience because of all the barriers we didn’t expect to encounter.

But this was something that Rachel thought needed to change….

So the purpose of this website is to allow the Disabled people who use it to express what it’s actually like to go out into the big, wide, world and live their lives.  It’s for them to be able to point out the barriers, both big and small, that stop them from enjoying things as they should.  It about them being able to celebrate what is good, and to recommend those places that are good to other Disabled people.  It’s about helping Disabled people, who lack the capacity to verbally express themselves, to still be able to share their experiences, through their support workers, their families and friends.  It’s about helping the rest of the world know what’s it’s like for the Disabled people in their communities and what they can do to help them to be even more part of their community.  Hopefully, at the end of the day, it’s about making the world a better place by making sure that Disabled people are heard and that their experiences matter, and they can change the world so that it includes them more.

Our hopes for the future

So, we’re starting small and we hope to keep on building and building and building….
The website is currently focussed on allowing people to rate places in Cornwall.  Cornwall’s main trade is tourism, so there are a lot of commercial places to visit.  But we also have a lot of community groups and social activities which would brilliant to point out and advertise.
So, as this website keeps on growing in Cornwall, we want to be able to have reviews for restaurants and cafes, themed attractions, sports clubs and community clubs, places to go to for a nice, free walk, places that hold special events for Disabled people and even eventually disabled friendly accommodation.
But the hopes are that we won’t just stay in Cornwall.  After all, people with disablilities live everywhere, not just in Cornwall.
We hope to make this website as accessible as possible, that everyone can share their experiences, regardless of their disability.  This will take a while, so please bare with us.
We also hope to be able to create an app that works alongside this website, as well as social media groups, so that people will be able to use the information on the website on the go, as well as being able to find out about special events happening around Cornwall for people with disabilities.
So, for now, we’re only just starting, but watch this space because we quite like dreaming big dreams….

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