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Boscastle Harbour

Boscastle HarbourThere's more to Boscastle than a picturesque natural harbour and village. The Elizabethan quay sits in an impressive amphitheatre of steep cliffs and is home to quaint stone-built cottages, shops and tea-rooms. Much of the land in and around Boscastle...

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Bude Castle

Bude CastleThe iconic Bude Castle.  Part Museum, part art gallery, part café, part community space.  A lovely place to just sit and watch the world go by, or come to an event for the community, or to enjoy the history and art and cake that are found within the Castle...

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Bude Library

Bude LibraryBude Library, which is beautifully situated near the canal and beside the Castle grounds, is a hub of the local community.  It's a place full of imagination and excitement as well as being a quiet space to just sit and reflect or a place where you can go...

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